Why You Want To Drive Temperature-Controlled (Refrigerated) Units

Post Date - Sep 27, 2021

If you are a professional truck driver looking for variety and advancement in your career, you should consider driving a temperature-controlled unit (TCU). There are many benefits to driving TCU, from great pay to the satisfaction of hauling some of America’s most important products. Read more here!

What Are Temperature-Controlled Units (TCU)?

Temperature-Controlled Units (TCU) are refrigerated units (aka refers). Werner Enterprises uses its advanced TCUs for specialized OTR hauls across the country (regional, expedited, dedicated, long-haul and international).

Werner’s TCU routes offer:

  • Drop and hook delivery. If you prefer no-touch freight, 70% of Werner’s TCU freight is drop and hook.
  • Smoother journeys. Werner’s TCU drivers enjoy limited multi-stop deliveries.
  • Solo and team driver options. Get the flexibility you crave in a delivery service; work with someone else or drive the routes solo.
  • The best equipment on the market. Werner’s TCUs are equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, boasting an industry-leading average age of four years.

What To Look For in a TCU Driving Job

  • Competitive pay. A reputable company that truly respects its professional drivers will have competitive pay. For example, Werner Enterprises was started by a professional truck driver in 1956 who owned one truck. Werner knows that professional truck drivers are the backbone of their company, and the industry. Therefore, they regularly review driver pay packages to ensure they are offering competitive pay along with excellent benefits. They are committed to having the best truck driving professionals in the industry.
  • Great lengths of haul. Werner’s TCU network averages from 950 miles to 1000 miles, depending on the month of the year. You’ll avoid burnout when you work for Werner!
  • A diverse area of service. Werner’s coverage area runs the eastern length of the United States, with over 50% of the volume as cross-border (to and from Mexico); those consist mostly of drop trailer routes for delivery in Laredo, with the next load-out preloaded at the Laredo Terminal.

Why Go With Werner for Your TCU Driving?

If you are thinking about joining Werner’s TCU drivers, here are a few more of their important offerings:

  • Werner’s TCU Network splits very few loads. If you’re not a fan of dealing with complexities of other drivers and splitting loads, you will appreciate that with TCUs from Werner, you’re in charge. You’re responsible for the entire 1000-miles load from pickup to delivery. They trust the professionalism, experience and talent of their exceptional drivers.
  • A good mixture. At Werner, their temperature-controlled units have just the right split of products for delivery. Approximately 60% to 65% of their freight gets preloaded at origin, with 30% to 35% of freight consisting of drop trailer for delivery. How does that sound for the right mixture of cargo?
  • A great customer base. Werner drivers get to know the customers. Their drivers will pick up and deliver TCUs to many of the same locations across the country. The more you deliver to the same customers, the more familiar you’ll get with those locations and customer requirements. That means you can get even more efficient with your time and trip planning—allowing a more relaxed route and more opportunities to earn a better paycheck for you and your family.
  • The right products for delivery. You’ll be delivering some of the most diverse and interesting cargo out there! Our product types consist of food items that keep the country fed and healthy—from sweet confections (candies) and proteins ranging from beef, pork and poultry to vegetable produce and dairy. We also deliver some of the medical supplies (medicines, vaccines, saline solutions and more) that help keep the country healthy.

Get Started With TCU at Werner Enterprises

Ready to get started with your new TCU career at Werner Enterprises? Contact a recruiter at 877-396-1643 or chat and apply online at www.drivewerner.com.

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