Which Trucking Company Has the Best Truck Driver Safety?

Post Date - Feb 3, 2022

When professional truck drivers are researching trucking companies to drive for, safety is usually at the top of the list. There are many factors in truck driver safety, but keeping safety as a top priority as a driver and a company is always the key. For some drivers, safe driving leads to recognition. When looking for a transportation company to drive for, always look at its focus on safety. Some companies even reward drivers for the number of safe miles driven.

Commitment to Truck Driver Safety

Safe driving should be just as important as getting freight delivered on time, or better yet, it should be more important. Whether hauling freight across the country or on a local route, truck driving jobs should focus on safety procedures.

Werner Million Mile Drivers Program

Another way carriers promote truck driver safety is through a reward program for their truck drivers. Werner Enterprises actively rewards drivers for building a career-long commitment to accident-free miles. Werner’s Million Mile Drivers Program offers several incentives and honors to drivers who drive one million miles or more without being involved in an accident.

This program aims to reduce the number of accidents and reward drivers who are taking the steps they need to make it happen. From reviewing safety regulations to driving at safe speeds, Werner drivers work hard to follow safe driving best practices to become an honored million accident-free miles drivers.

The program was launched in 2005, and Werner has been awarding and celebrating members for their hard work and dedication ever since. If your carrier doesn’t offer recognition and increased truck driver pay for reaching this goal, then see what you’re missing and why you may want to explore truck driving jobs with Werner Enterprises.

Million Mile Truck Driver Benefits

The goal of the Million Mile Drivers program is to reward drivers who commit to driving safely and not placing any other priority above safety. In recognition of their safe driving practices, Werner drivers who reach one million accident-free miles receive these rewards:

  • Truck driver pay rewards
  • New truck with personalized amenities
  • Million Mile Driver door decals and patches
  • Million Mile Driver gold watch
  • Framed Safe Driver Award certificate
  • Gold ID badge
  • Lifelong discounts of 15% on purchases at the company store
  • Aluminum 1M mud flap weights

When you reach one million accident-free miles while driving for Werner, you’ll also have your name placed on the Recognition Wall at Werner Park, a Triple-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals located in Omaha, NE, as well as at various terminal locations. Werner proudly recognizes its Million Milers.

This honor combines increased truck driver pay, discounts and recognition around the company. It doesn’t stop at one million miles; the financial awards continue as you pursue higher milestones. Reach two million or three million miles, and you’ll receive further recognition and financial incentives to continue to practice safe driving techniques.

Growing Number of Safe Drivers

This goal may seem hard to reach when you just start driving, yet Werner Enterprises has over 2,000 drivers who have reached at least one million safe miles. Werner is also proud of the diversity of drivers who have achieved this accomplishment with 140 women and over 322 veterans, all of who have reached at least one million accident-free miles.

There are also a growing number of drivers achieving even more lofty goals. There are currently 134 active two million milers, 31 three million milers and 7 four million milers. There is even one Werner driver who has reached five million accident-free miles.

Importance of Safe Driving

Safety on the road isn’t just about keeping you safe. Truck drivers share the road with families and professionals in all industries. When truck drivers speed, take corners too sharply or fail to perform a pre-trip inspection, they’re putting other lives at risk as well as their own.

The first step in driving safely is receiving thorough training in truck driver safety best practices through a reputable CDL school such as Roadmaster Drivers School. Werner is committed to hiring the safest drivers in the industry and giving them the support they need to keep them that way. Simulation training, defensive driver training and computer-based training to new and experienced drivers are just a few examples of how Werner supports its drivers in maintaining industry-leading safety practices.

One often overlooked element of driver safety is the equipment itself. The average truck age in Werner’s fleet is just two years, and this ensures you aren’t driving with outdated equipment or improper safety technology. Werner’s fleet is equipped with navigation systems and collision mitigation technology to help you drive defensively and stay on your planned route.

Search for Safe Truck Driving Jobs With Werner Enterprises

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