How To Get Home More Frequently as a Truck Driver

Post Date - Sep 21, 2021

The debate between better home time or higher pay is an age-old tale in the trucking industry. However, with an increased demand for skilled professional truck drivers, there has never been a better time to enter this sector and get yourself the monetary and recreational compensation you deserve. You no longer have to pick between a high-paying job or getting home more often. At Werner Enterprises, we say, ‘why not both?’ For many professional drivers, home time is arguably a bigger factor in deciding what company to work for than their annual pay. Seventy percent of our drivers get home weekly and if you want to join them, continue reading to learn more about the options that are available to you!

Here are four ways that you can get off the road and into your home more frequently:

#1. Work on a dedicated account

The term ‘dedicated account’ means that you are employed as a company driver, but you only haul freight for one specific customer, for example, a home improvement store or supermarket. There are many advantages to working on a dedicated account, such as home time. Most drivers on these accounts at Werner Enterprises can enjoy daily or weekly home time, depending on the customer’s needs and the region of the country they are located in. Many fleets, such as this dedicated route based out of Olney, IL, provide drivers with the freedom to select how often they get home. Not only are you provided with a great array of home time options, but you can also enjoy sign-on pay and guaranteed weekly pay on many dedicated routes at Werner Enterprises.

#2. Consider joining our regional van division fleet

As a driver for Werner’s Van Division, you have access to regional employment opportunities that help professional drivers get home weekly. For example, this fleet in Dallas, TX, provides truckers with the home-life balance they deserve while still upholding a competitive average pay of $61,000, with top performers earning over $67,000!

There are many benefits to joining our Van Division. A majority of these employment opportunities, such as this regional fleet in Charlotte, NC, offer drivers a no-touch freight experience which is highly sought after by many truckers in the industry, in addition to the advantageous home time allowance and pay package.

Not only does working for Werner guarantee you great miles, but our Van Network offers a multitude of regional employment options where drivers can enjoy the second pay increase of this year! This fleet provides an additional 0.4 cents per mile, which equates to an additional $4,200 per driver yearly!

#3. Look for a local driving job

Transportation and logistics companies like Werner Enterprises offer a variety of home daily and weekly options in regions across the country. For example, in Macclenny, FL, Werner is hiring company drivers who would work on a dedicated account and get daily home time. This employment opportunity helps drivers to get home daily and pays a competitive wage!

The perks of working locally include being able to spend more time with your family, being provided with the opportunity to get home often while still earning a respectable income, and you can enjoy the familiarity that comes with a route that you frequent routinely.

#4. If pass-throughs are an option, utilize them!

Some accounts offer pass-through as an additional home time option. This means that in addition to your pre-assigned time off, you also have the opportunity with certain work assignments to get home for a few hours before your next workday begins!

Whether or not pass-throughs are offered, it should be a point of consideration when deciding what company to work for. Make an inquiry with a recruiter or the driver placement team to find out what options are available in your area prior to accepting a new driving job so that you are equipped with all the facts you need to make an informed decision about your next career move.

Werner Enterprises offers many accounts with excellent home time advantages. For example, this regional fleet in the southeast provides drivers with the chance to get home bi-weekly and enjoy pass-throughs! Ensure that you coordinate with your transportation manager to see if you can be routed through the city that you are based in.

Whether you are looking to get home daily or weekly, Werner has got you covered! Click here to see what opportunities you have access to by working as a member of Team Blue! Fill out the application form below to build a great career with Werner today!

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